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about Us

Humbly nestled in one of the few green coves within the concrete jungle of Mumbai city, The E-Hotel is a one of a kind luxurious escape. A contrast to the frantic, driven existence of urban life in the financial capital of the country, The E-Hotel is a haven of positive energies, thoughtfulness and creative abundance.

Modeled on an assimilation of Buddhist and Japanese philosophies, East-Asian mysticism and Zen culture, the hotel transcends luxury and provides an innovative living experience that abounds in calm and soulful rejuvenation.

The hotel is a sprawling 7 storied building with simplistic aesthetics adorned by Buddhist chants and symbolisms of the journey of the Buddha, with a giant brass sculpture of the Buddha right at the entrance. The luxuriously rich interiors of the hotel draw inspiration from the basic elements of nature like the wind, water, fire, earth and life laid in true Italian marble basking in warm golden light. The hotel itself is cradled in ”The SamtenKyil” landscaped garden of peace, thoughtfully created with flowering trees, floral bushes, soft spreads of grass specially cultivated in the in-house nursery and a rock and sand garden created especially for meditation.

Authenticity is an element that’s integral to The E-Hotel – Authentic Therapeutic Massages are the standard at Areopagus Japanese Day Spa, Theme Dinners and Culinary Galas with renowned Chefs of World-Cuisine and Indian Traditional Cuisines are a part of the E Gastronomic event tradition, and Healing workshops, Genuine Yogasana practices, sermons with philosophers and nights of ethnic, Sufi and global music are a part of the living experience at The-E Hotel.

Message From our C.E.O

It is in sublime peace that I write this message to welcome you to the most luxurious Zen nourishing experiences you will ever have. The envisioning of this property began from a personal quest for a pause in a life that was a total chaos with a struggle managing priorities! My soul was hungry for a connection that couldn't be attained with 3G, 4G or any fiber optics! The search was for a state of being where I could reset and reconnect my mind body and soul. It was Zen that became the source fountain of that serenity.

The E-Hotel spawned upon a massive 7.5 acres in the heartland of Mumbai, India has been designed keeping Zen at its core. Our goal here is to bring every human a little closer to the self by harmonizing the universal energies around him. From the rooms to the restaurants everything has been designed keeping the elements of Japanese Zen in mind. Colors, materials and amenities have all been carefully selected to support the Nourishment goals of the property. The main hotel building architecture reflects values of Zen Nourishment through the elemental Mantra: Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha- meaning well in that each one who submits himself to the E-hotel, the hotel promises to nourish the mind body and the soul. The chakra of life and the lotus of life both symbolise the total balance and harmony that the property strives to create for every individual that gives us the opportunity to serve them.

I sincerely hope that we can meet your expectations in delivering the Nourishment that shall surpass the conventional understanding of Nourishment.

Please feel free to write to me to share any experiences or suggestions you may have at experiencespecialist@eskaygroupindia.com

Nourishingly yours,

Karan Turakhiya

Nourish Your Soul With Us at E-Hotel

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